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Published on December 16th, 2012 | by Gerald Dicen


This Is the Time You Prepare Your 2013 Promotional Calendars

We are just few days away from (No, not Doomsday!) 2013.  By this time of the year, you must have been evaluating your business performance especially since 2012 has been a tough year for many of us. Who can forget the devastation caused by Sandy’s storm surge in the United States in October? Not to mention, the global economic crisis that has stricken the world’s economies for years now.

And probably, the best way to do business next year is by evaluating your performance this year. With that, the probability of doing the wrong things you did this year next year is minimized. In addition, seeing your business through the annum will enable you to pick out what needs to be done continuously and what areas need innovation efforts.

Marketing with Calendars

But, while you’re busy with that, there’s one thing I urge you not to forget – your 2013 promotional calendars. This is one of the promotional items your customers are expecting from you. And it would probably a shame if you fall short of those expectations.

2013 Promotional Calendar

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Promotional items such as calendars are very effective print marketing materials. Their longevity in the hands of customers, their homes and offices, make calendars good tools for branding. They do make lasting impressions. So, if you get it right with calendars, it would make a great positive impact to your brand image and would surely boost your sales up. That makes calendars one of the best places to promote your products, services or your business, as a whole.

Designing Your 2013 Promotional Calendars

The following are some tips mined from an online printing company,, which has been known for printing quality calendars and other print materials like business cards, postcards, brochures, etc.

1.      Pick a theme. Research on what works for 2013. It may help if you take a look at the pieces of advice from Feng Shui experts or astrologers. That is if you are catering to the believers of these things like the Chinese. It would also be great if you can do research on the design trends in the coming year. What I know though is that yellow and other bright and bold colors will be the hit. Classic will also be back, I heard.

2.      Gather Content. You will have to gather content and material for your calendars. Gather notes, tips, quotes, facts, photos or anything that would probably interest your customers and appeal to their psyches. You shouldn’t also forget to incorporate creative photos of your products or services. But remember to be wise with the layout.  You can also leave a small space for writing. By the way, take note of the holidays next year.

3.      Mind Quality Printing. You can’t settle with subpar printing quality. All your efforts in designing and laying out your calendar will be put to waste if the printing will be bad. That’s why it’s always best to do a trial printing first. Of course, you need not do that if you already know a certain printing shop that’s able to deliver quality outputs.

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