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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Lena Martin


7 Tips On Driving Home A Sale

After you have setup your advertising and marketing straight, all you have to do once that customer traffic is present is to drive home the sale. For retail, this is about having a great sales person at the forefront, along with great descriptive packaging. For online businesses, it is about having an amazing landing page, optimized for conversions.

Whatever your platform is though, there are several key factors that will “drive home” that sale. As a person is judging your product, they will require some key facts to fully convince themselves to buy. Beyond that, there is also that “feel” factor of the product depending on how it is presented. In this article, we will try to lay out for you the specific items that most consumers will consider as they judge and analyze products. These will be the key factors that will help you drive home that sale and of course make your business into a success.

1. Full knowledge and full disclosure of information – This is right up the salesman’s handbook, but is of course one of the most important factors in driving that sale. You must have full knowledge of your product and you must fully disclose it to the audience. If they do not get the sense that you (as the salesman) or your marketing copy (your landing page) is telling everything, then odds are they won’t trust what they see.

So it is paramount that you do give them everything. All the features, all the data and all the alternative uses or configurations of your product must be easy for them to read or hear. If they ask questions, you must have a ready answer. Even when it comes to the weaknesses of your product, you must acknowledge it and have a comforting rebuttal. As long as you are knowledgeable about your product or service, and people get the sense that you know everything, the chances of driving home that sale are good.

2. Confidence and Style – Besides sheer knowledge, another thing that most consumers are looking for is confidence. Your voice and the way you present yourself must exude that confidence in what you know and what you can say. This again relates to how people will be able to trust you. As long as they can see that confident air and style in your voice and presentation, they will continue on with their sales inquiries.

In terms of marketing content and landing pages, confidence will be in the style of writing, as well as with how you present your product data. This means having a very professional styled written content, with no spelling or grammar errors. The formatting must be top notch, and the landing page itself should be professionally made with that modern web 2.0 style.

3. The real value to the consumer – It will also be important for you to communicate the REAL VALUE of your product or service to your consumer. While you should of course describe your products and other marketing offers well, the consumers must realize “why it should matter to them”.

Will they save money out of it? Will they gain money out of it? Will they be happier? Will they gain some sort of social advantage? Beyond that face value or benefit of the product, the other consequences and benefits must also be emphasized. This will give them another extra reason to buy your product or avail of your service.

4. Friendliness – Of course, this is something that you should already know but it is worth repeating and emphasizing here. A salesman or your sales page should always sound friendly. Even with great and cheap products, people can still be turned off by a rude, or disinterested sales person. You do not want to buy from a person who does not really like you or relate to you in a way of course. People should feel welcome, blessed and excited when they are about to buy your product. That is why a friendly salesperson, or a light and friendly marketing copy is important. Make sure that you always review and see if you are projecting that friendliness in all aspects of your marketing.

5. The feeling of NOT being SOLD to – This concept is what some marketers actually miss. While the basics of salesmanship (both written and oral) emphasize on the need to go all out in relating to people to sell, there comes a point where you are selling the product too much. Some consumers do not want to feel that they are being SOLD TO. This usually happens if you saturate your audiences too much with your sales content, or you just speak in a way that is a bit too desperate or too pushy. There must be a sense of choice on the consumer. They must feel that they are picking something, rather than being forced to buy something. So you will have to tactful and creative so that people are convinced to choose your product, and not become forced into it.

6. That small sense of urgency – To push things along a bit, some marketers add a small sense of urgency into the sale. Usually, this is in the form of a limited discount or some such limited offer. You probably already have seen the effect of these limited offers, and while everybody knows it is a marketing gimmick, of course people will still go for it. It is a discount or maybe there is a freebie after all. It will always work, as long as pace or time these offers properly.

7. Guarantees – To drive home that sale, you should always offer guarantees. Make sure these are promises you CAN keep.
Besides the typical product warranties that people can offer, you should always offer a guarantee about service. This not only speaks of your own confidence in your product. It is also a safety net that consumers feel when you add the guarantee to your products and services. Since they know the risks are lower because of the guarantee, they are more likely to go for the sale. So be creative and add a guarantee that will assuage the feelings of the consumers. Make them feel more comfortable to make the jump and buy your products with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

Integrate ALL of these elements in your campaign to maximize your results and reap the rewards.

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